Oh, October. The month that was simultaneously the longest and quickest month ever. Looking back to what I got up to at the beginning of the month feels like delving deep into the past, however I still can’t quite believe that we’re already a few days in to November. 

My first memory of the month is a wedding reception. With both the bride and groom being colleagues of mine, it was a lovely opportunity to see everyone out of their black aprons and in their glad rags instead. It was a really beautiful evening, with quite a bit of alcohol and questionable dancing, but most importantly all the love in the world. A sweet way to start off the month indeed. 

From the union of one loving couple to another; my goddamn beautiful sofa finally arrived this month! I am absolutely head over heels with it, not only is this a pretty sofa, it’s so super comfy too. It has already been tested by Sophie for overnight stays and I’m fairly sure she approves!  As I type this on the train to Kent I realise I have no up to date photos of it so you’ll have to deal with these very boring snaps of it just moments after it being delivered into my living room (which I think we can all agree, is in major need of some prints on the wall ~ahem~ Santa). 


I’m not overly fond of the little cushions that came with it so I’m on the prowl for an array of colourful cushions to suit my taste, and I am also keen to get a new rug and some little side tables too. At least when I head back to Southampton after this little trip home I will have a lovingly made crochet blanket to go with it.

Now let’s talk gigs! I always tend to have a dry spell when it comes to live shows, then all of a sudden I’m heading to loads at once. The first one is a biggy, it is one I have been waiting years for. The first time I heard of Beach House (you can read all about it here) was a good few years ago and their latest tour has been the first that I have seen them come to the UK since. So you know I had to snap up a ticket the minute they became available; I was not even going to risk applying for a press pass that I might not get (although I may have to get back in to that soon with my monstrous rent these days).  A mate from home had also got a ticket so we booked an airbnb for the night to make the most of it. We had plans for a night out in Shoreditch but by the time we hit one bar I was ready for bed. I’m a little annoyed at myself but I knew I would just be dragging myself around the next day if I didn’t get to sleep right away. Even then I still bailed out early, unable to muster the energy for a little browse around the city. Nevertheless, the Beach House show was so beautiful and so meaningful, certainly accommodating for a well overdue release of pent up emotion surrounding their songs. 


The following week it was time for a more local show, Our Girl at Heartbreakers. I remember a few months ago being told that there were some amazing shows on their way to Heartbreakers, but I could not be told outright what they were. As soon as I saw the same friend sharing Our Girl on his instagram stories with the heartbreak emoji, I knew exactly what was up. I was fortunate enough to get press for this show, excellent, but in all honesty I loved their performance so much that I would have quite happily paid twice the ticket price (figuratively speaking of course). I have followed Soph’s other band, The Big Moon ever since I first saw them, but I love Our Girl a little more, and it was so nice to see her take the lead and really open up to her own sound. Their debut album has been on repeat throughout the month and is for sure a contender for my own personal album of the year. I didn’t pick up a physical copy of it until the following day from my faves at Vinilo Record Store, where I was delighted to find a limited edition of the vinyl in orange, complete with a second disc full of bedroom recordings of each track. Pure perfection.

Finally it was time for Mac Demarco. Having nearly been crushed to death at his gig in Birmingham a few years back, I found comfort at the sound desk of Southampton Guildhall for his spooky spectacular Halloween show. Now, I love Mac, and I also thoroughly enjoyed just how much everyone else in the room did too. However, the last half hour of that gig, man, I just don’t know. Mac and his band announced their last song, before launching into a set of covers. Some of them were fine. Some of them, not so much. I’m not normally one to complain about imperfect vocals, but I guess that’s when I’m thinking about the joy of hearing my favourite songs live. When a band are playing songs I don’t care too much for, and not doing a great job of it, unfortunately I’m just not that into it. When I kind of made peace with it and decided to lighten up a little, Mac just rounded it off by finishing off the last song that they had started before all the covers. Did he really try to play it all off as some crazy long interlude? I don’t know. I didn’t stick around for much longer after that and maybe I regret that a little. Just as much as I regret not going to the Heartbreakers afterparty, which of course he attended. Never mind. There was that time after the Birmingham show that I shook his hand through a metal fence after all. In the end, as much as this show wasn’t quite what I expected, I still enjoyed the majority of it and still have a lotta love for the Mac.


Last month I mentioned how I was pretty stressed out. I wouldn’t say October has been stress free, but I have definitely had better days this month. Ups and downs here and there; one minute things are fine, the next there’s a million little fires to put out. I would say overall though things have been a lot calmer, and the stress that has been around is only to be expected with all the change everywhere. What I have realised though is a need to look into my own strengths, that sometimes I am right and other people are wrong, but also in other situations that it may be the other way round. Essentially I’m trying to have a little more faith in myself, while making sure I look at the bigger picture; generally looking beyond how things affect me. We’re getting there. 

Next month I’m looking forward to getting into the festive spirit! Apologies if you’re not a Christmas person but I am forever ready for this season and will always start celebrating it as soon as Halloween is over, that’s just what I do. I was supposed to see Gambino with my sister but that has been postponed but never fear, that non refundable hotel is not going to waste as we are off to do some Christmas shopping in London! Some may say we’re crazy, but we’re really just making the best of a crappy situation (plus what better way to get that Christmas fix in nice and early). I’m looking forward to it to say the least, but for now I will leave you with some photos from the last month (apparently I got really into selfies again), see ya soon!

So that was October, in short I went to a wedding reception, finally got my sofa and also went to a few gigs. Check in next month to find out if I survive a shopping trip in London with my sister! You can keep up to date via my Instagram and on Twitter in the meantime. Xx

Author: Samantha Mae

Hi! I am a music and lifestyle blogger based near Margate, UK. Forever keeping an ear out for new music, particularly anything of the indie persuasion and always willing to spout on about life in general. Open to collaboration and new ideas, get in touch!

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