Any Excuse For A New Playlist

I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks to a new season, or changes in the weather as inspiration to get a new playlist in the works. As October begins, it is time for music to match the rain outside your window and the chill at the tip of your nose. Perhaps something a little on the acoustic folk side, but really anything fit for sipping a hot beverage of some sort, be it the most decadent hot chocolate or a cheeky little tipple to warm those rosy cheeks. In short, a playlist that is overall soothing, but not without the odd bit of oomph and power to kick the fire up inside on those grey days. Or you know, whatever tickles your fancy – who said anything about rules?

While I may go in with all the best intentions of not falling down the same rabbit hole of my all time faves, it seems that I simply cannot resist. Still, I suppose we could consider those insistent features of Beach House, Mac DeMarco and Metronomy as my signature. As far as naming the playlist, a simple Autumn Winter will suffice, short and simple. Easy for my Google Home speaker not to fluff and not too restrictive on the overall feel of the tracks involved.

Although my old faithfuls reside in this new collection, there are indeed some new releases that I would like to shine a spotlight on.

First is Love Collides, the brand new single from the Scottish indie band Shambolics. I think when we look at this season there seems to be a theme of either snuggling up in the cold with a loved one, or the pathetic fallacy of rain in regards to relationships. In this case, as the name would suggest, it’s the latter that Love Collides goes to convey. Something “forever going wrong” in a relationship that seems doomed to end. It is 80’s guitar rock, fused with a drill of hit indie rhythms of the noughties – something altogether familiar and easy to get stuck in to. As part of my Autumn Winter playlist, it might be more suited to walking somewhere quickly in the rain rather than watching it fall from the comfort of your blanket, but still, it works. If you’re a fan of The Smiths there is a certain flavour to this band that will definitely tick a few boxes, while the more upbeat energy brings something else to the table to freshen that sound.

Now on to something more on the relaxing side, is the first track from Yore, featuring Katie Drew of White Flowers. Bon Mot courses through a 90s grunge feel in the guitar and gentle vocals that offer a lighthearted touch to the lyrics “we don’t care”. It is easy going and uplifting – probably good then for getting ready to brave the rain – seriously I’ll stop talking about the weather now. The single will feature on Yore’s self titled debut album to be released in December, along with upcoming track Hawing, which features Dream Wife’s Rakel, but more on that in another post. All I can say is I was very happy to have this sent to me – so up my street it’s not even funny.

Of course we have some Phoebe Bridgers, and in a bid to not completely bum myself out every time I put om this playlist, I restricted myself to one track only and it is Kyoto. I’m not exactly sure why this was my choice over some of the others, but it has featured on some other playlists I have had in rotation so I guess it adds something a little transitional to this new one of mine. Fast forward and we have Hurt and Black Dog from Arlo Parks – so much for not bumming myself out, but in all fairness it is hard to feel so down when the music is just so good.

Other bands that are not so new, but also not TOO heavily featured on my other playlists are Foxing, Sharon Van Etten, Ex:Re and Laura Marling. Either something to do with when I first listened to these bands and so the seasonal memories tied to them – or just my horrendously late turn up to the party when it comes to appreciating Laura Marling for just how damn good she really is. While of course we have the typical Hozier and Bon Iver tracks that kick the playlist off, there is also a little bit of Tyler, The Creator, for no other reason than I am simply still loving IGOR like it’s the first time. Like I said before, what rules?

What I love about playlists, and really want to embrace more is the adding of tracks over time. While it is tempting to sit down and carefully curate a track by track playlist with perfect transitions, I quite frankly couldn’t be bothered this time round. The mood will strike me every now and then for sure, but as this is going to be my go to playlist for the next couple of months, I think a good mix on shuffle is the best bet. Besides, most times I try that perfectly placed playlist, I end up with the same tracks each time, so perhaps spreading it out over the period will keep things varied.

How do you make playlists? Do you have any favourites? Where do you get your inspiration? Let me know! Don’t forget to check out the new Shambolics single out now and keep your eyes/ears peeled for new Yore tracks coming soon.


Author: Samantha Mae

Hi! I am a music and lifestyle blogger based near Margate, UK. Forever keeping an ear out for new music, particularly anything of the indie persuasion and always willing to spout on about life in general. Open to collaboration and new ideas, get in touch!

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