DIY Quartz Necklace

So I treated myself to a selection of crystals a few months back and decided I wanted to be able to wear my Quartz point on a chain. I had seen various methods of doing so but using some wire seemed like the most easy and secure way for me to achieve my necklace.

The tutorial I used was this easy to follow video, although it did take a couple attempts for me to get an arrangement I was happy with (but that’s just me being a perfectionist).

It tends to look better when it’s a little bit on the rough side, you don’t want too many straight lines and I may even make small alterations later on.


Author: Samantha Mae

Hi! I am a music and lifestyle blogger based near Margate, UK. Forever keeping an ear out for new music, particularly anything of the indie persuasion and always willing to spout on about life in general. Open to collaboration and new ideas, get in touch!

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