ALBUM REVIEW: Purity Ring – Another Eternity

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Since breaking through with debut album Shrines in 2012, Canadian duo Purity Ring topped the iTunes Electronic chart amongst other praises by NME, Rolling Stone and Pitchfork. Megan James and Corin Roddick have maintained their electronic excellence while pushing a little more for pop with upcoming, self-produced release, Another Eternity. While Shrines was composed with James and Roddick in separate studios, this new album was a much more integrated affair, created with the two together in their birthplace of Edmonton, Alberta. The album boasts a soft, sweet touch of pop with all the dynamic of electronic and individual instrumentalism that gives it that little Purity Ring stamp. Light listening points towardsAnother Eternity as a pop record, yet it’s not all as simple as that.

Every skill is used, from Roddick’s piano adding a touch of elegance here and there, to James’ vocals ranging from delicately brushed over to striking and dominant. That vocal range is something you have to wait for however, as four songs in and ‘Repetition’, though a strong contender on its own, falls flat after three much stronger tracks with very much the same vocal tones. There is a slight variation in short bursts but within the context of the album the song is not quite enough to maintain engagement.

It’s all smiles from then however as the beats get thicker and start to simulate a club energy, journeying into an intensification of sound. Finally bringing around those vocal variations that were oh so desired in the track before, moods are high and this album is well on to becoming yet another hit. ‘Begin Again’ enters at a great atmospheric degree – this is an instant hit but won’t necessarily be your favourite by the time you’re done with the album. It’s structured as a powerful single yet some of the other tracks hold something a little more intriguing. There’s so much going on without overloading, introducing something new with every listen to recreate at your leisure.

The last half of the album in particular sees beats deep with intensity but light enough to bounce in all the right places at precisely the right time, contributing to a carefully orchestrated album that is everything it should be. For those worried about Another Eternitypushing too far into the world of pop, first of all – so what? Second of all, this album has sure as hell got enough of a kooky edge that will work well both in the club and during a chilled out session at home, whether you’re going all in or playing it in the background.


Author: Samantha Mae

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