LIVE REVIEW: One Night Only + The Luka State + Akameleon @ The Joiners, Southampton – 04/02/15

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One Night Only have gone through some changes, from new members to a change in their sound and their current tour has got to be the test of it all. Along with The Luka State and Akameleon, the band played the second show of their tour at The Joiners in Southampton.

Akameleon are a recently formed three-piece who opened to what seemed a rather shy crowd, yet their confidence was not hindered. Their sound was powerful, with crooning vocals and not a hint at all that it was their second ever show together, let alone on this tour.

Following this were indie rockers with a Northern charm, The Luka State. Not only were they upbeat and energised, but they just simply came across as happy to be there and eager to do nothing more than play their music and have a good time. Their passion for what they do shone through their warming performance and each song had a little something more than the last, demonstrating just the right amount of experimentation. Conrad Ellis’ vocals went from smooth to rough at the appropriate times and their overall performance was ultimately intensifying, with a respectable speech at the end on the state of the live music, further stressing their care for the music and its people.

Finally it was time for One Night Only to grace the stage and boy did the indie-pop dreamboats own it. Over the years their sound has changed from the softness of ‘You and Me’ to the slight more pop oomph of ‘Just for Tonight’ and ‘Say You Don’t Want It’. Now, it’s the smooth and delectable taste of ‘Plasticine’ that sticks with the band today. Any fans that weren’t so sure about these changes would have been reassured at tonight’s show. The set got more and more mesmerising as the night went on and the band were even up for a laugh when they let an audience member come on stage and announce the next song in a big ‘radio voice’.

Their new songs were sleek, mature, and enthralling, a testament to the last few years where they’ve been away from the public eye, busy transforming themselves. That said, they wouldn’t have been forgiven for not including the classics and indeed, frontman George Craig went solo for ‘You and Me’, much to the crowd’s enjoyment. The main delight lied with the fact that everyone, regardless of which generation of One Night Only they were there for, enjoyed every second of the show, proving that each element of their sounds have been strong and they will keep on growing.

Author: Samantha Mae

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