Noise Cannon: Noise of The Week (19/01/15 – 09/03/15)


A selection of single reviews from the last Noise of the Week features I wrote for:

19/01/15: RY X – Shortline

Though it’s not brand spanking new, ‘Shortline’ has lingered around this week’s playlists, with a delicate introduction of soft vocals and slow, melodic guitar. Blissfully compelling, this track is pure beauty and elegance, right through to the intense climatic shift in guitar as it gets a little more pronounced, clawing at your ears for the utmost attention. The stark contrast of this manifest of guitar against the ever gentle voice of Ry Cuming is especially spectacular, leaving you more than adequately satisfied.

02/02/15: Goodbye Stranger – Why Reduce Yourself

The second track from Londoners Goodbye Stranger is an atmospheric number with hazy tones focusing in on the spiraling guitar riffs. ‘Why Reduce Yourself’, though calmer than the previous ‘Cave’, is just as striking.

Think of fields in the summer or a day at the beach and you have the ideal setting for this track. Kicking in with a powerful tone that is sharply captivating this track hooks you from the start, leading to a state of serenity where it’s only you and the music. Repetitive vocals wave in and out as a steady bass keeps the rhythm ticking in an almost hypnotic manner, each listen highlighting a new element to take note of.

23/02/15: Wolf Alice – Giant Peach

It’s loud, it’s angry and it’s downright dirty. ‘Giant Peach’, the first track released from Wolf Alice’s upcoming album My Love Is Cool, is a raucous beast of energy and finely tuned attitude. Screw up your face and bite your lip because this track is heavy in aggro and full of exciting riffs and bustling drums. Not to forget those edgy and rash vocals from Ellie Rowsell that just make you want to thrash everything in sight – mostly the replay button.

If this track is anything to go by, the new album is going to be an absolute winner and the soundtrack to a crazy summer. Roll on 22nd June!

09/03/15: Grimes – REALiTI & High Tyde – Mustang Japan

Grimes – REALiTi

Though delving a little more into pop than previous endeavours, ‘REALiTi’, a demo from the infamous ‘lost album’, maintains that signature experimental Grimes vision. With vocals less hazed than those heard particularly on Geidi Primes and Halfaxa, it strays ever so slightly from mysterious tones and serves as an upbeat song for more than just the obsessed fans to enjoy. You’ll be copying Grimes’ dance moves in no time, throwing your arms haphazardly in the air along to her experimental take on pop that has taken the internet by storm. She may have scrapped an album that could have really been something, but there’s no doubt that there’s even better things to come.

High Tyde – Mustang Japan

Firstly, this band have truly grown over the past year. Though their initial soft beach vibe worked a treat, their new EP, Fuzz is much more mature and frankly, much more exciting.

Secondly, ‘Mustang Japan’ is full of attitude and in-your-face sharp tones. High Tyde are taking a stand and making a mark in the indie/dark-pop sector of music. This song is incredibly catchy, and suggests that the band are well and truly full of it, and ready to conquer. It’s louder and bigger than anything they’ve ever done before, and this is where the High Tyde really kick off.


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