SINGLE REVIEW: Jamie xx – Loud Places (Noise Cannon)

My contribution to the Noise Cannon’s “Noise of the Week/#NOTW” 23/3/15
Originally posted on Noise Cannon:

Our top noises this week feature a slightly moody dance number from Jamie Smith of the The xx, otherwise known as Jamie xx. If his latest singles are anything to go by, his upcoming album is going to be a blitz of dance energy with everything from grime to soul thrown in there too. If this isn’t your thing, we have the experimental trials of Turnover as they follow the shoegaze trends, creating another track that may well be the soundtrack to your summer. Alternatively, we have a track from We Are Harlot, and despite featuring Danny Worsnop as their front man, they are definitely nothing like Asking Alexandria – take that as you will.

Jamie xx – Loud Places

This week we saw Jamie xx premiere a new song (or two) from upcoming album In Colour, his debut LP as a solo artist. ‘Loud Places’ features fellow member of The xx,  Romy Madley Croft, emitting a soft and delicate tone as the beat progressively builds atmospheric momentum while maintaining a soothing air. Coined by Annie Mac as “your new favourite festival record”, this track is essential for summer whether it’s spent in a field, on a beach or in your back garden. Sharp beats bounce off another before Croft’s looming vocals close the track, leaving us not only with the familiar sound of The xx, but most importantly the promise of an eloquent flow of dance and electronica from the solo endeavors of Jamie xx.


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