SINGLE REVIEW: Mystery Jets – Telomere

Originally posted on Noise Cannon:

They’re back, they’re ruddy back, and what better place for these indie sweethearts to do an intimate show than NME’s Best Small Venue, Ramsgate Music Hall? It wasn’t until I watched an interview of these guys prior to the show that I heard a glimmer of this track and I just couldn’t wait to hear more of it. ‘Telomere’ is bigger than anything Mystery Jets have ever done – sure ‘Two Doors Down’ will always bear that whimsical charm which can never be replaced, but this latest track is in another scope of the band’s talent. The distinctive vocals come with a well established sound that shows they are the same band (save for a few differences in the line-up) but they’re about to give so much more than before.

Author: Samantha Mae

Hi! I am a freelance writer based in Southampton, UK. Specialising in music and lifestyle, I enjoy digging deep and getting personal. When it comes to music, for me it is less about what “is good”, and more about what it conveys. As for lifestyle, anything goes. Open to collaboration and new ideas, get in touch!

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