Lush Christmas 2016 || My Personal Faves

Halloween may be just around the corner, but head to a Lush store and you’re stepping into a wonderland of Christmas goodies, and I’m not just talking about the bath bombs. For me, Lush has really outdone themselves across the whole store. The bombs and bubble bars are all super exciting and I can’t wait to stock up on my bath time goodies, but with dreamy body lotions, tasty new lip scrubs and life saving cleansers, Lush Christmas 2016 as a whole is the best collection by far! Here are some of my faves.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb


Guess who’s back, back again…IT’S GOLDEN WONDER. This is a product that totally lives up to its name. A gift of zest and colour wrapped in shimmering gold and topped off with a bow, that when shaken, rattles just like the presents under your tree. Pop this one into the bath to release the magic within and fill the air with its boozy citrus scent inspired by that little tipple of Bucks Fizz that Christmas morning couldn’t do without.

Bubbly Shower Gel

bubbly shower gel

Talking of Bucks Fizz, there’s a new shower gel in town and much to my joy, it matches the glorious scent of Golden Wonder. In previous years Lush has given us Celebrate body lotion and First Snow dusting powder, perfect for layering up with the big GW. I was a little sad when they didn’t return this year but with Bubbly in the mix, I can totally forgive the Lush gods, and appreciate that I have a tub of Celebrate from last year and enough First Snow to see me through more Winters than a Stark could deal with. In fact I think this scent is carried even better in shower gel form and I am so ready to just drown myself in its boozy delight.

Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub


Oh good lord. Move over Bubblegum, there’s a new lip scrub in town and she might be sweet, but she’s kicking your ass. If you’re unfamiliar with the lip scrubs, the name pretty much speaks for itself, yet there’s something else. They are totally edible! Scrub your lips and lick the sugar off for a tasty treat – if that’s not an incentive to look after your lips, I don’t know what is. Bubblegum, with its sweet candyfloss flavour has long been the best selling lip scrub that Lush does, a popular product for teenagers everywhere. It also shares the same scent as Snow Fairy shower gel, so bonus points there girl. That being said, I am not its biggest fan. Sorry, but to me it just tastes a little too soapy. This is where Sugar Plum Fairy comes up top for me. When I found out that it shared the same scent as The Comforter, I was worried that the blackcurrant flavour would be overshadowed by that same tinge of soapiness. Forget that, this scrub tastes incredible, like having a pack of fruit pastilles that is mostly blacks and reds. Super scrummy.

Bûche de Noël Cleanser


This is the best thing for my face, ever. When I started as a Christmas temp at Lush, my experience with their facial products wasn’t totally up to scratch, so I decided to try a cleanser, and why not the limited edition one that comes packed full of cranberries? This stuff just sorted me out. My face was glowing, felt softer than ever and made me feel like a goddess, then January came along and took my love away, gutted. The good news is that the all year round range of cleansers are impeccable, and in fact, Bûche de Noël caters for all the effects of winter weather on your skin – all that redness and dryness just disappears and leaves you feeling fresher than fresh. What I’m saying is, while I resent Lush a little bit for making seasonal products that work so well, yet are only available for a limited time, at least this is one that serves a specific purpose for a specific time of year and I absolutely adore it.

Shoot For The Stars


Another returning favourite of mine is the Shoot for the Stars ballistic, sweet like honey, beautiful like a night sky. This year however it’s had a pretty big make-over, and to be honest, it makes me love the bath bomb even more. In previous years, Shoot for the Stars has had a silver star shooting across the top, with streams of pink and yellow as well as a heavy dose of silver lustre throughout the mixture. This year brings a slightly more simplistic look, a bright blue sphere with three golden cocoa butter stars on top. As the bomb fizzes in the water, more golden star bath oils are revealed in the center, leaving bursts of gold over the beautiful blue water, creating an image that is very much like Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Plus all that cocoa butter leaves your skin feeling so unbelievably soft. This is for sure a firm favourite from this year’s Christmas collection.



Not only does this little bubble bar share the same scent as the Frozen ballistic, with its rose, grapefruit and neroli mix, but helloooooo, major Bowie appreciation! Lush inventors take on a lot of influences when coming up with new ideas, often coming from pop culture, especially music. While this bubble bar takes on a familiar scent, the Aladdin Sane lightning bolt serves as a nod to the musical legend that is David Bowie, letting him live on in the most romantically uplifting fragrance that Lush has to offer. Neroli, as I’ve mentioned before, has been proven to increase levels of serotonin in the brain, helping to emit all those happy thoughts. So even though we’re still not quite over the loss of Bowie, this bubble bar is set to keep spirits high, perfect for a pre-party bath. I’m so happy about this one – never has there been such a glitzy glam snowman!

Sleepy Body Lotion

Okay Lush, this is the lotion that lets me forgive you for leaving Celebrate out of the mix. This is by far the best of the Christmas range this year. I have always loved the Twilight fragrance of sweet lavender, but nothing could prepare me for the sheer amount of joy this body lotion would bring me. As if bathing in the oh so comforting scent wasn’t good enough, Lush have let us have it all, by creating a body lotion for us to layer up the heavenly scent. If you’re lucky enough to get to the flagship store on Oxford Street, you can add the sought after Twilight shower gel to your collection this Christmas for the ultimate malted lavender experience. This product looks gorgeous and smells gloriously dreamy, I cannot wait to slather this over me for the foreseeable future.


There you have it, my favourites from the latest Lush Christmas collection. The whole range is incredible so pop into your local Lush to check it out because I’ve only really scraped the surface. For example there are SO MANY Snow Fairy products, so prepare yourself for sweet, candy heaven. Or if you’re into the warm, spicy scents, check out The Magic of Christmas bubble bar, or Ruby Red Slippers and Northern Lights for something a little more floral. Also, how cute is the Little Sprout knot-wrap?! For sure a product I’ll be buying as a gift to myself. Another product worth a wee little mention is the Salt and Peppermint Bark scrub. Its sweet candy cane scent is to die for, I will be buying a lot of these!

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out my Instagram for photos of the bath products in action! You can also follow me on Twitter for quick little snippets of my life.


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