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Let’s say for now that there’s no particular order to this top ten. Also this is not necessarily my definitive top ten. From time to time I will definitely have a different set of favourite Lush products but these are the items I will keep on coming back to. My babies. My ten true loves. (But oh do I love a lot of Lush.)

*Disclaimer – I do work at Lush, however any posts I make on here are in the perspective of a customer. I do not get sponsored/paid/whatever for doing these posts, it’s my choice to do them, just like any other post you will read on this site.*

Like I said, there’s no real order, so here goes with my randomly ordered “top ten”:

King Of Skin Body Butter


Boss. This product is probably one of my most favourite things ever. It’s a little bit different to your conventional ‘body butter’ in that it comes in solid form, with as little as a piece of grease-proof paper for packaging. Environmental points right there. Also, bananas, cocoa butter and avocado are just a few of the key ingredients needed for great skincare, and they all feature in this one little bar. You can melt it between your hands to use on to dry skin like the massage bars, but the best use I get out of this is in the shower (it is usually found among the shower products after all). Just rub this all over your body in the shower after washing – not only is this super pampering, it’s a pretty nifty trick for us lazy people who don’t tend to moisturise after getting out of the shower (I mean seriously? I’ve just dried off and now I need to wait for this moisturiser to sink in? No ta). Just do it in the shower! Rinse off, pat dry after use and you’re good to go. A luxury and a time saver all in one. What’s not to love?

Ultrabland facial cleanser


The first time I tried this, I hated it. It didn’t smell nice, it felt greasy. Yuck. However, for a reason that I cannot remember, I decided to give it another go. By some miracle (or by using it properly) I fell in love. The first couple days, sure, a little rough, but I persevered and now it’s my everyday cleanser. That nasty smell became non-existent, I mean it’s not called Ultrabland for nothing. It has no scent, no colour, it really is pretty damn bland, (did you really think I was going to say Ultra-bland? Shame on you). That’s just it though. A super simple blend of ingredients that does wonders for your skin. After a week or so of using Ultrabland my skin felt softer, looked clearer and made me feel a whole lot better about myself. Just smooth a generous amount all over your face, yes it will feel greasy, yes it’s weird, but the results are incredible. Then you can either rinse off using warm water and a flannel/cloth, or spray some toner water onto a pad to wipe off. I do both ways but if I’m feeling particularly grubby (generally from having a full face of make-up on) I go for the warm water as I feel this way is easier for a deep cleanse, where the toner water is a good quick fix (with the added bonus of extra ingredients for the skin). Then there’s the times I combine the two, spraying the toner water after warm water for an extra boost. Basically I love this product, and of course I know it’s not going to be for everyone, but this one is definitely worth a few goes before giving up on. Sorry I doubted you baby.

Yoga Bomb bath bomb


UUUUGGGGHHHHHH. So, yeah, Yoga Bomb. Well done you, with your woody scent, your relaxing way with colours, your surprise glitter, just well ruddy done. This is probably the least used product among my top ten, only because I don’t (currently…) have a bath in my home, so I’ve only had the chance to use it once, and since I only get to have a bath once in a blue moon, I like to mix it up a little bit, y’know? I’ve also got a lot of bath items to get through once I do own a bath, so it may be a while before I use this again. BUT. It’s still that one I reach for in the shop and just die when I smell it. It’s a tough toss up between this and Guardian of the Forest actually. Oh no. I seriously don’t know. They’re both so good. Wait. I haven’t restricted myself to one product per range…

Guardian of the Forest bath bomb


YEP. I was drawn to this one straight away on my first visit to the flagship store on Oxford Street. It just looked so ornate with the tree design and I really enjoyed the green colours. THEN I PUT IT IN THE BATH AND GLITTER CAME OUT. Yes, like Yoga bomb, this one surprised with me glitter too. A fresh, green bath topped with glitter as the cherry on the top. I may have squealed. I definitely squealed.

Pumice Power foot scrub


Oh this zesty little beauty. ‘Stepping Stone’, Lush’s previous foot scrub was good and all, but this little orange pumice pebble soap knocks it clean out. This scrub is like a pumice stone and a soap all in one, and it won’t just disintegrate after one use, making it so much more functional than Stepping Stone. Pumice Power is super handy for those of us constantly on our feet, whether that’s going for long walks or pacing a shop floor for around eight hours a day (#retailfeet). It certainly leaves my feet well looked after and pong free – it is a must for any pampering foot care.

Karma perfume


There are a lot of fragrances at Lush that I love, and I do indeed find that certain days and certain moods call out for certain scents. However, Karma is one that I will never tire of. Consider it my default. I go for it when I can’t make my mind up. I also pick to wear it straight away some days. In all honesty, it’s empowering. The touch of patchouli adds a grounding scent to the bright and zesty orange oil – it’s like the most perfectly balanced perfume. I feel brighter and at ease when I wear it, which pinpoints the idea that perfumes are much more than just a scent. Sure we do just like to smell nice, but that choice of fragrance and the way it settles on the skin makes it like an extension of character, to be worn to bring out a certain side of our personality. It’s all a bit bizarre realising that there’s a scent I wear when I’m feeling down, and another one when I’m feeling super happy. I could go on, but the fact of the matter is perfume is powerful, and Karma is incredible.

Sunrise soap


This is kind of a bittersweet one. My favourite soap is a limited edition and I want to cry a little bit. Now I’m remembering that it’s just soap, life goes on. HOWEVER. There’s not a thing that I don’t love about this soap. Its zesty scent is just what you need for a fruity morning refreshment to put you in a really bubbly mood (quite the cliche I realise, but it is absolutely the truth). Sharing its scent with Brightside bubble bar (an all year round product that may just keep me happy when the last sliver of Sunrise slips through my hands), this soap smells as orange as it looks. Plus there’s that soft silken tofu and murumuru butter core, you know, for when gliding the soap over your body isn’t enough and you need something a little more intensive. Massage the soft core into the skin for an extra pampering touch. This is definitely a soap I’ll be stocking up on before it goes. 😥

Lord of Misrule shower cream (or the “shower scream” for Halloween)


Holy cow. You know what, I’m not even sure I can narrow it down to the shower cream. Just the scent in general. Patchouli, vanilla and black pepper. A little bit odd, but it just works. The shower cream in particular is pretty fun with it’s deep green colour that momentarily leaves you feeling like a monster, only to then leave you feeling and smelling like a goddess. Or a fairy princess. From the forest. Oh it’s just so much fun and features one of my favourite scents EVER. I just can’t express my love enough. But you get the idea, right?

Cynthia Sylvia Stout beer shampoo


It took me far too long to welcome this product into my life. For ages I seemed to ignore the fact that this shampoo was the one for me. I don’t dig the smell, I’m not even always convinced about how it feels on my hair in the shower. The end result however… every time I start to doubt this shampoo, it’s that end result that reminds me why I put away a bottle before it was discontinued from most shops (still available online and at Oxford St – in kilo sized bottles 😮 ). Cynthia sorts out my flyaways, leaves my hair feeling “salon fresh” and I just love the overall effect it has on me. Good hair makes me feel a million times better so this is quite an important one to me, even if it is one I often forget. I am one to try out a few different things at a time so it isn’t necessarily always the one I reach for – especially as I want to keep hold of this bottle as long as possible – BUT, it is the one thing I know I can rely on in moments of need.

American Cream hair conditioner


May as well close on a long time fave of mine. American Cream is that one conditioner that has my back. My old faithful. Of course I dabble with some of the other conditioners, and some days I may need to reach for something different, but if I was to choose one conditioner to use for the rest of my life, it’d be this one. Just as any conditioner should, it softens my hair and leaves it smelling super sweet. Paired with my beloved Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo it makes for a really good hair day – easily manageable and so healthy looking. Living the dream.

 I kind of love nearly everything at Lush, so look out for more posts like this.


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