My Lush Naked Skincare Routine

When it comes to skincare, Lush has always had my back. When I started as a Christmas temp way (way way way) back in 2013, I had no routine whatsoever for my face. I would occasionally get a scrub and a moisturiser, whatever happened to be the cheapest at Superdrug, but it never lasted long and truthfully, I was never really sure what my skin needed. 

The minute I tried the Lush Buche De Noel cleanser (exclusive for Christmas) with ground almonds and cranberries to scrub and tone, I was a changed woman. Not only did Lush have my back, it had the planet’s back too. Cruelty free. No microbeads. Excellent packaging that is part of a closed loop recycling scheme. What’s not to love?

This was the moment I started to develop a routine for myself, and no it hasn’t always been perfect but my skin has never felt better, and with all those environmental benefits, neither has my mind.

Recyclable packaging was good, but of course, good is never good enough. Last month Lush launched a new range of ‘naked’ skincare, stripping away the plastic entirely with solid cleansing balms, facial oils AND a no-waste face wipe. I have never been so excited for a new range. This one coincided with the opening of the UK’s first packaging free Lush store in Manchester, the third in the world since Berlin and Milan naked stores opened in Europe.

I have been using a few of the products over the last month and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM. I mean, I’m not about to stop using my favourite Angels on Bare Skin cleanser in its black pot just yet, but WOW, am I impressed with this naked range, and they are certainly the basis of my routine now.

The very first product I tried was the Like a Virgin cleansing balm; not only a plastic free alternative to my beloved Ultrabland cleanser, but also vegan – double win! Just glide over the face or warm in your hands for an incredibly moisturising cleanse, with a kick of lemon to leave you feeling fresh. Remove with warm water and a flannel. I found this product really effective for removing make up and leaving my skin feeling super soft, definitely a game changer for the big old Ultrabland fan that I am.

I still love Like A Virgin but more recently I have been using the Tea Totaler and Jade Roller balms.

Tea Totaler was the next one I picked up and my initial idea was to use this as part of the evening routine, making the most of those lovely antibacterial ingredients to cleanse after a long day hiding under black eyeliner. However I have found Jade Roller (gifted as a staff sample) to melt a lot quicker which helps to remove make up easier, so I’ve switched it up, and as a result have been waking up with lovely fresh glowing skin with its circulation boosting goodness. I just love the way this one glides on the skin; it feels super fancy and spa-like with the mung beans to give your face the massage it deserves, simply divine. For only £4.95 what’s not to love? I’m a couple of weeks into using this one and about halfway through, so I can see each balm lasting roughly a month based on everyday use. 

As it turns out the Tea Totaler balm has made a great morning cleanse for treating my odd little breakouts here and there. I have grown fond of using this one in the morning as it feels like that tea tree is really going in on those spots instead of fighting through any makeup. As well as them being naked I find a great benefit of these balms is that whatever your routine or whether your skin is feeling oily, dry or somewhere in between, there is absolutely the perfect one for you!

As long as I’m on the double cleanse hype, I like to go in with the 7 to 3 cleansing wipe after using each balm. I find it helps to gently remove any excess, whether that be make up, dirt or oil. It also works great for the days I wear no make up (a very rare occasion) and just want a simple cleanse.

The instructions say to wet a corner and wipe over the face but I prefer to wet it in my hands and apply the product to my face that way. Nearly a month later and my first 7 to 3 is still going strong, although perhaps looking a little worse for wear, so I will absolutely be going for my next one soon.

One of my favourite things about this range is how easy it is to travel with. Just pop your 7 to 3, balm and oil of choice into one of Lush’s oval tins (perfect fit!) and you’re good to go. I also like to take my fab reusable cotton pads to remove the product. These are crocheted by the lovely Katie and you can shop her items from her Etsy store here (she also does really cute beanies):

These are super gentle on the skin, great for when you’re going away and don’t want to carry a sopping flannel around (glamorous huh?), but also perfect for use at home when removing small amounts of makeup. They are easy to wash and maintain their quality, just lie them flat after a light machine wash. I think these are the perfect item for anyone trying to reduce waste in their skincare routine. I haven’t even thought about buying cotton pads in ages and when I think about how the cost would add up over time, I am certainly happy about all that money I have saved in the long run. I have even had a couple of my family since be inspired to make/use similar pads which totally warms my heart. 

Now let’s talk oils. When I first saw these at the Manchester showcase in 2018 I was immediately drawn to Light Touch, a gorgeous blue bar full of calming chamomile and anti-bacterial witch hazel – perfect for a clear, balance complexion. This is currently my go to following my Jade Roller cleanse at night. I apply it rather generously and let it sink in while I binge whatever on Netflix (currently Grace and Frankie) before eventually heading off to bed. Then I get the glory of waking up with beautiful glowing skin, and I can definitely feel the difference to those evenings I forget to go all out.

My other facial oil of choice is the Amazon Primer (another one gifted as a staff sample). I am yet to fully replace this with my Vanishing Cream moisturiser as part of my morning routine because I’m picky like that, but I have to say that everything from the smell to how it feels on my skin – ah, bellissimo! I enjoy how it leaves me feeling super refreshed and also beautifully moisturised, plus the rosewood oil makes it a perfect balancing boost to my Light Touch from the night before. I am going to try a whole week using this lovely green primer instead of my packaged product and see what happens. 

At some point I will try every product from this range because, you know why not, but for now I’m going to be keeping up the following routine of naked products, with my beloved Angels on Bare Skin thrown in the mix on occasion:

Morning: Tea Totaler cleansing balm – 7 to 3 cleansing wipe – Amazon Primer facial oil

Evening: Jade Roller cleansing balm – 7 to 3 cleansing wipe – Light Touch facial oil

Obviously these are the products I have found perfect for me, so if you’re unsure what will work best for you, I would definitely recommend popping in to your local Lush store for a full consultation (or do you your research from the website), but I hope this gave you some insight into the range and how it could fit into your own routine!

Disclaimer, this is not sponsored and unless stated otherwise products were purchased using a staff discount.

Keep up with more from me on Instagram @samaanthamae and don’t forget to check out @lush for more incredible innovations (plastic free make-up whaaaat?) and give Katie a visit too at @kt_white to see more of her creations.



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